The i-Sentiment

All these materials glitter through my name,

This is why I never intended to seek any fame, 

A labradorite of meaning always held my glory, 

And I never used my connotation to create a story, 

For I knew that I would only be living today, 

It’s the disciples in ignorance that are in true delay, 

Urging money and degrees yet never true to deeds,

Withstanding torture and isolation may only feed. 

But I guarantee to Ra, you will speak peace,

However, It’s only these riches that will halt you in cease. 


Can I please wake up from this nightmare ?
Why am I awake? 

Why am I walking around parallel to my body ? 

I can only get back, 

Yet I can’t move, 

Who let that figure in to my eyes. 

Friendliness or Neutrality, 

Decision shan’t be needed,

It’s the same process which calls all of us home. 


Take me around the circle of truth, 

It’s very confusing ,

So vague, 

How can I choose ? 


How dare thee? 

How can I be right ? 

Is it because I’m full of ego ? 

Oh gosh ! 

I’m not real, 

So when I finally embarked on the journey of 8,

I came to realize the one is not true to all. 


Let’s take a trip to this parallel dimension, 

Once you get dropped, 

You’ll hurt your head,

It won’t be this reality, 

But once you get conscious,

You’ll recollect all the treasures,

A second death you never wished for, 

The ultimate death is knowledge.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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