I See Myself In Her

Back Pains at the end of the day, worth it cause the check's getting thick. struggled to understand why my mother sacrifices,tolerates,and creates just for me. we have the same nose, we have the same hopes, we don't belong. I see myself in my mother not only because we share facial similarities, but because like her I suffer the reality of our kind of people. Even though i am fluent in English, I try to diminish my accent, Try to behave properly and be modest at all times; something tells me it is not enough to fit in. i don't want to "fit in" I want to see myself in Her. When destiny takes my dear Mother i will look in the mirror and i will see myself in her and when my back aches i will see her in me. I have her blood and her blood consoles me,i don't need a hug or any type of consolation from her becauuse i have her with me at any given time. she is with me and i am with her. I see myself in her.

This poem is about: 
My family


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