I see light

Saying how you feel is sometimes too hard

 I find words from dark places that have left me sad and scarred.

 I dig deep and try to say what I feel,

The thoughts are unbearable it makes those memories become real.

 I look down at my hands as they begin to shake,

 No one understands, no one knows what's at stake

The words are like a lump in my throat that just won't come out

 The anger inside ignites, I just want to shout.

 I look down at my notepad and I begin to write

I release my anger; I start to see what's in sight.

 The dark starts to fade

 Then, I see light

My hands begin to become steady

 I realize I'm winning this fight.

 The words are flowing onto the paper

My emotions begin to calm.

 Then it hits me, the writing is therapeutic

This is not just writing anymore; it's a song.

 A song, a poem of my life, the dark days,

 A memorial of what has made me into my own ways.

 But most of all it shows where I have been

How far I have come.

The dark days aren't so dark anymore

There is sun.

 I look back and read these poems and know

 That my good days to life, have finally begun.

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