I said to her

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I said to her

By: Ryan Marks

[A fictional account of one man’s story with his wife.]

Dearest one, the little one within you is about to die.

Only two options have we: one to kill the unborn babe, the other to risk thee.

I love thee second only to God.

I love thee more than this child . . . this amazing gift from above.

But I say to you now, “Fare thee well.” . . . .

For though I love your life, I will not sign . . . I will not sign . . .

The Death Warrant of our precious Child.

“Fare thee well” . . . .  “Fare thee well” . . . .

My heart is sad, but my soul is glad, for I shall see thee again.

Our child may survive or may be with you very soon.

“Fare thee well” . . . .  “Fare thee well” . . . .

The would-be executioner comes again pleading,

“If only we destroy the child your wife will live and be with thee!!”

“Fare thee well” . . . . “Fare thee well” . . . .

“O Lord, my soul longs to be with You, so that this test would not take place. But YEA, though I walk through the shadow of my dearest’s death to THEE I shall still loyal be. Thy Word is clear, murder tis’ sin and how much more that of my own children! Hold me in your arms O Lord, her breath is growing faint. . .”

“Fare thee well” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Girl! They say! I laugh then cry for my dearest’s breath has just passed away.

I stayed true to Him . . . .

I obeyed the hardest thing that a man can ever endure –even harder than his own death. . . .

Yet that crime – abortion, God whispers to me can be forgiven. . . .

Though I have not transgressed, my soul within me now is given A MISSION.

And it shall expand as many a man reads this simple composition.

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