I remember thinking,When I

I remember thinking,

When I was still a kid

That I would always choose good

In everything that I did.

I'd be a famous astronaut,

Hurtling through outer space

But I guess it was pretend,

Because I can only fly in place.

I thought I'd be a hero

With a blanket for a cape

But one by one, my superpowers

Were proven to be fake.

Some of my choices put to shame

The man my father hoped I'd be

Sometimes I start to weep and mourn

For all the potential lost on me.


I'm broken, not defeated

Disillusioned by this loss

Searching for something to silence my sorrows

With no concern for material cost.

Silken sheets cannot supress

These feelings of insanity

And a social smoke cannot invoke

The revival of my humanity.


I was misguided, not lost

As a captain and his crew

Playing in puddles because they weren't informed

That they were meant for the ocean blue

I let myself  get entangled

In these chains which poise to bind me

I allowed myself to be led astray

And think my many mistakes could confine me.


A weak resolve and heavy heart,

I knew I could be good

So I bore on my back a crucifix,

Much heavier than one of wood.

So I propose to us a toast,

A drink to our good health

For if theres anythinng to learn from guilt,

It's that theres good within yourself.






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