I Remember

Friendship was all I saw between us

It was all I wanted for you and I

You saw something else

Pouring me a cup of your drink that wanted me delusional

Hoping to intoxicate me just enough

You hope I wont remember this night

I do

The sound of the toxic mixture hitting the walls of the plastic cup 

The sound of music blasting in the back

And alas the sound of laughter coming from yet another perpetrator touching the shoulder of a person I love

All I can think is blurry

You take your promise and abuse it

All embracing me in ways I didnt ask

Your lips lightly pressed against mine

But I'm not there

I look down and your cold hand is making my thigh freeze

My friend isn't here anymore 

The person I trusted just hours before is gone

I realize everything means nothing

But everything is encouraging of growth for women 


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