I remember

I Remember

I remember when I first saw you
When we looked at each other from afar and our eyes did the talking,
And in my heart, I felt love flowing,
When you passed by and I saw love Sparks dropping
I remember because your smiles were charming

I remember when we met
what I felt when we held hands
I tried to explain but I thought you won't understand
So I kept it to myself and groomed it in my mind
Until it burnt my chest and escaped from my mouth

I remember when we first kissed
How slowly my breath ceased
It was like the sun went cold and the Earth rotated against it's axis
Making that moment beautiful was all nature did
I remember because it was difficult to let go of your lips

I remember all, thats why it still hurts
Cus I thought you were the right one
So I kept going deep, until I discovered I've been stepping on thorns
Covered with fine linen called love
I remember because you scarred me deeper than anyone has ever done.


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