I refuse


Green run High school
1700 Dahlia Rd
United States
32° 49' 43.1076" N, 94° 55' 57.2484" W

I refuse to be another number

A social security number on the government computer

Another dead body out on the corner because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time

But looking at it, we have so much black on black crime

Why do my beautiful African American women degrade one another?

Back then we used to help one another.

I cry for us today

Just to sit down and to hurt me as they may

I refuse to let my casket drop and me not to make my mark

To let my dream fade into a blackness, a blackness so dark

Oh no no no sir!

I refuse to be a statistic and let life be my master

Most young black men only care about instagram and twitter followers

but little do they know that they're followers

Thhe time and effort we put into "SWAG" is really taking away from what really matters

I'd rather not waste time on the latter

We need to become more than a statistic

If we come together we're ballistic

Lets take the tim to help eachother up instead of knock them down because we're jealous.......

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