I Promised


My promise for the year that looms over me:

To fulfill the past.

But these words I used to solidify my actions

Fell through transparent hands and slithered back to where it came.

A land with huge, pleading eyes, begging,

Legs roaming, hearts hurting, lips trembling.

They still. Breath is hushed. As I make my wish.

The clock ticks its sad rhythm, and I close my eyes.

A tear bubbles up beneath my eyelids.

I grapple with what I desire.

Can I make a difference? Yes.

Will I? Yes.

Simple answer, Complicated to achieve.

A voice calls my name, and I claw for the attention.

You call, I answer. Like an old friend with much to say.

I caress the folds of this period in time, and hug it close.

This is my reinvention, rejuvenation, resurrection.

My chance to make it right,

Scoop up a couple drops from the bucket.

So here I stand, in front of the bright lights, ready to fall for it again.

The great adventure that is my life,

Tattoos its wild wishes across my mind.

Guiding my heart to the rhythm it beats.

Towards the path I should take.


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