I Promise

Sat, 07/06/2013 - 23:56 -- Sage

Cascading down a whirlwind of darkness,

Accompanied only by pain and purple lights.

Silently screaming and crying inside.

 It hurts is much, this eruption of agony.

Wanting so much to succumb to the call of the unconscious.

But a personal obligation awaits, not to show my misery,

It would only worry people, and that is not necessary.

Even when they desperately plea,

I am too stubborn to allow help.

I can "buck up", I think, and not let it show.

I can pretend I am okay.

As long as someone doesn't look too deep into my eyes...

I will be fine.

I promise.



I just submitted this poem to a student poetry contest, just for the record.


Scratch that. Never mind. Whoops!

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