I Pledge Allegiance

America the Beautiful, home of the brave

Is a difficult place of which to brag,

But with loyalty, to Liberty I wave,

I pledge allegiance to the flag.


But liberty for all is the utmost lie

Don’t believe me, check out the esoterica,

Millions of people never call an ally

Of the United States of America.


The US is a place for them, not us,

Not all of America is ready to join hands

The idea of our democracy is superfluous.

And to the republic, for which it stands.


This country is a dream if you are straight

And white and male, you’re permissible.

They are united and together they dictate

One Nation, under God, indivisible.


The ironic cry of freedom is heard as so many

Minorities are trampled in white protocol,

To live with this costs a pretty penny,

With liberty and justice for all.

This poem is about: 
My country
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Rachael Spain

I love this poem!  I love the off-on ryhming and that it seems the speaker is thinking to themselves about what issues are in the country while reciting the pledge of allegiance. 

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