I the Night’s Wonderer

For the moon never sets without gleaming a brilliance

Of half hearted reasons for me to walk safely at night.

For in the darkness, just over there I feel the glares

Of demons projected, my mind and eyes trick of light.  


Then the skies so vaguely promise a guidance at night

Reflecting city lights upon distant clouds far away still.

I remain in the darkened night about to take flight

At the next instance of a step not my own, yet I feel…


Your presence when I walk about in this cloud covered

Moonless night, a memory so vivid, it breaks the skies.

My northern light… because I get lost when wonder.

A smile, a funny glare, a chuckle, with them I ponder.


I am about, walking aimlessly, thinking of a moment,

Memories, when I made you smile, made you laugh,

Made you happy, as it was my goal, and I so meant

The casual walks at night to be of friends on one path.


Individually we might not have ever met, two souls,

Different paths, never to meet, “I say am fond of her…”

I glare back at the shadows, them walking specters...

“Wait a minute, where am I?” …on the path no longer.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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