I Never Did Like Reality

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 17:34 -- Axstar


It seems to me that the kids today

Are blamed for the difficulties of yesterday

The economy falls because of our parent's votes

But the kids have to fix the hole in the boat

When war rages within every nation

It is the children who are told to uphold creation

Adults have made us all this technology

But when we attempt to use it, they call us lazy

It is my generation that is going nowhere

And the parents are the ones that put us there

This is the reason why, you see

I never did like reality



I wrote this because, as a child of the new generation, I feel crushing expectations and double standards placed on me. While the economy continues to fall, I am expected to continue to live a normal home life like my parents, without debt and all the basic comforts that come with a home. But looking around, teenagers continue to drop out, or they can't find jobs, and then the parents say it's their own fault. Well I disagree. As you can see within the poem, I believe it is the votes and wars of our parents that have put us in this position. I hope this can put some light in peoples eyes, or at least get them wondering what the causes of today's problems are, instead of blaming the youth and expecting them to fix it.

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