I Need A Voice

I hear nice songs everyday, but to those I can't relate

and so I've tried to make my own about how my skin begets hate

I write songs everyday and night and I let my true hurt show

But when I open wide to sing you don't hear a single note

I'm oppressed because of my skin and gender and it brings tears to my eyes

But what hurts worse than every tear is that you don't hear my aching cry

I fear that this absence of sound will put me in an abyss

But with no notes or chords or hums will I really be missed ?

See I sang in a clear and mighty voice so you could feel my pain

But when I opened up my mouth you still didn't hear what I was saying

At first I thought the problem was me but now I see its you

I thought I needed a strong voice and that would help me speak the truth

But even when I sang in my loudest tone, you still could not hear

I now see that I don't need a loud voice, I need for you to uncover your ears



This poem is about: 
Our world


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