I need no filter


My face is viewed but my personality is unknown

People judge me as if they know me because they’ve came across a picture of myself on their phone

They see likes, filters, and boarders fit to frame, a caption to capture the moment included with a cool screen name.


Whenever I capture myself I notice what makes me who I am

I see brown skin, brown eyes, and the mature face of a young man

I see a big smile which can be described as bittersweet, I’m hidden by filters but I finally noticed me.


I hear my voice and notice the happiness inside it, sometimes I hear pain but I’m too damn proud to hide it

Sometimes I hear laughter and I notice the joy it can bring, inside my voice I notice many things.


I am what I see and that’s proud and black, I was so concerned with my last selfie so it was hard to remember back

I finally found the originality in the picture, and I needed “no filter” at all to show me that.


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