I need it to breathe.


United States
36° 44' 49.7976" N, 108° 12' 50.5008" W

I need it to breathe. These poems, they aren't just words or even songs to me.
They help me find out who I really am, they make me see, they make me see the good the ba and the ugly in me.
When no one is there for me, I find comfort in a pen and pencil and I get lost in a world that no one seems to know.
Poetry is a mom and a dad, because frankly, I didn't have much of that growing up.
I'd hear the walls cryin' and see the holes of the scars which would never fade, covered with make up like plaster, but I couldn't tell anyone.
Poetry is my outlet, my reason why I'm not insane, and without it, I'd just be another loser who lost the game.


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