I Need Authentic American Pride

I am proud to be an American!

Living in the Land of the Free

where I can

take joy

in who I am.

A citizen to liberty

with legal rights to independence.

A companion with bravery.

I mean, people have their complaints of being enchained to bondage.

But that can't be slavery...right?

Didn’t that die a long time ago?

alongside of the enactment of the Jim Crow?

Haha yeah...Jim Crow…ol’ buddy, ol’ pal.

You know we’ve been family friends for while.

People thought he died.

Pshh, nah…

He just switched up his style.

Went from super baggy pants to fitted skinny jeans.

America is still wearing segregation, it’s just a little bit more clean-

cut and presentable.


His stealth dealings caused many citizens to live passive.

Deceiving, until many were believing he wasn’t active.

But no. O I see you Jim Crow.

We’ve been acquainted for far too long

do you really think I’ll continue to let others look pass

how my people are still marginalized and deemed as second class?   

You followed my lineage for years.

Tainted police officers tormenting innocent men.

Killings. Leaving many families in tears.

Labeled as criminals just to seclude us from society. Planting false public fears.   

Decapitated our households, destroying our foundation.

You crippled black folk, in the name of “building a great nation.”

Deepened our dependence on your devious dominion.

Just so the elite can remain prominent, prosperous, winning.


But FOR REAL this time.

I need to really believe that this too is my land, my home, my freedom.

I need authentic American pride.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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