I N T R E S T E D.

fight for my honor, get jealous, get bothered. show me you care for more than a kiss. come over for hours because of my conversation you miss. ask me questions that make me ramble until you smile. tell me you like the way i sound when im tired. hold me close to you because thats all i want to do. rest your head on mine. give my your chest when i need to cry. be my pillar when i am weak. let me be your friend when you need to speak. be honest with me and tell me whats real. dont be afraid to tell me how youreally feel because i care for you at your best, your worst and everything in between. write sweet words to make my heart flutter. and be goofy with me because i want to with you. sacrifice your dont wants to show me true love. tell me you love me a million different ways for the millions of days i plan to spend with you. get angry with me for only a second and love me for time on end. make jokes with me and treat me like your bestfriend. make me blush and wrap me up in a hug. al im asking is that when you tell me you love me, you mean it. and show me.


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