I miss you

I miss you... everyday

I thought that time would... make this feeling go away

It gets much worse when I try to sleep at night

I am content to be alone

But with you would be even better, right?


I think I will miss you until the end of time

Only when I am safe in heaven, will I be truely fine

I hope that I will see you there

In some distant day that is

Because here still on earth, our spirit still lives


While I am here and not in heaven I want to be your girl

I want to wake up next to you in the mornings, and let our words unfurl

I want to make you coffee, I want to make you tea

I want to make you fall in love, fall in love with me


But a heart I cannot capture, even if I tried

It is so hard to be content and trusting with the ever changing tide

But I have got a God, who I know loves me so

Which means that even though I love you, I must also let you go




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