I Miss (You)

I miss the long nights we spent 
talking on the phone for hours.
The days when we held hands
And they fit perfectly together.

I miss the stupid little arguments,
The way we got on each other’s nerves.
The way you’d push my buttons
And how I’d push right back. 

I miss the closeness that
sent electricity through my skin,
The slightest touch making me shiver.
And how your arms felt like Home.

I miss the laughing all the time,
There was never a dull moment with you.
The corny jokes that made me smile.
And how you’d mess up the punchline.

I miss the way you’d look at me,
Even when you thought I wasn’t looking.
The way your eyes would always hold strong.
And how they looked in the pale moonlight.

I miss the days we spent together
But now all I have are pictures.
The memories are still burned in my mind
And now I see you here, with my heart slowly


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