I Miss You

I miss you.
It hurt to see another couple passed me holding hands... all lovey dovey.
Kissing each other cheek...caressing each other back...
When I look to my side all that I see Is me...
Holding my hand...
Kissing my self...
I miss you.

Then I keep on my way then I see a newly wedding couple
Happily jump in their limo that says: JUST MARRIED
With a less than sign and a three at the end...
Damn I wish I knew that feeling
Laughing happily with their spouse...
Telling how much they love each other.
How they can wait to get home and touch each other
Not In the sexual way but the intelligent way
Reading each other thoughts
Planning on how they are going to shape up their future together
As one...

Then I drop my head and keep on walking
Deliberately trying to find a cure
Cause I miss you to the point where
My metabolism is slowly decreasing and
My evaporating soul is just deteriorating

My knees are weak...
It seems like I have cancer
And I stop going in for my treatment.
I miss you.

Slowly as I continue my walk
I see a family...
Well a family in the process
A wife that is 6 months pregnant
With her husband that always their by her side
Even through the sick night.
Holding her hair when the nausea feeling come
Rubbing her stomach to feel their first child kick...
It amazing.

But damn I can’t have that.
I in the process of making something out of my self
But I can’t wait to have that...
Have you by my side...Telling late at night how much you there for me
How much you support me...
And how much I support you
Then you wait till I’m asleep and count all 72 eyelashes I have on my upper eye lid.
Damn I miss you

I miss your warm touch that makes me feel safe
Your gorgeous laugh that takes away the pain
Your star shining eyes that tell me everything is alright when you look at me

Finally I make it to my destination
And what I see make me break down and cry.
A couple with the man on his on knee asking his soul mate
To marry him...
And she responds with teary eyes a hell yes….

I want that moment.
The moment that tell me you’re going to be their forever.
That you won’t leave me...
So my insecure feeling of you leaving can vanished
Cause you not going any where.
And you hold me tight after I tell you yes
Then you say let me come over tonight
Cause I want to touch you
Have an intercourse with you dream s
Give oral sex to your vision
Till you can’t speak any more cause
You can’t believe I listen...

I want that moment.
Until then it is me and my poetry
Dedicated to you because that
How much I miss you.


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