I miss my Ava

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 23:04 -- Alyx

Dear Ethan, 

When we met

I have already held your body

I have already kissed your lips

You were once my Ava

I loved you so much 

I still took you as Ethan

They weren't the same person

Ethan was more intense

Ava was kinder

Who, tell me who Ethan

Did I fall for?

You said you were always Ethan 

Even when you were her

But I confuse them both

They're both in the same body that I once held

Why did you throw her away

I knew I could love him too

But Ava was my first

I wanted her above all

Give her back, Ethan

I did not ask for you

Why did you throw her away?

I thought you loved me

Let me be with her

I miss her

I miss when Ethan was Ava

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