I mean HIV

Life so Unpredictable
Let me tell you a story
of a family divided
that was once united
Seemed like a little error
but it contributed to that family’s terror
u see, it was his dad that cheated
but didn’t do what was needed
he caught the virus
i mean HIV
his life went on
gave it to his mom
5 years later
they were both gone
it’s sad to see
this kid left alone
his world torn apart
by a killer disease
caused by HIV
As i strolled through the streets
Abokis are working 
cutting and clipping
tainted tools, don’t be a fooled
he cut the man once
then it dawned on him
that blade he used
might have been abused
Months go by
a simple checkup, he fast realized
he caught the virus
i mean HIV
where does he start
his life torn apart
by a killer disease
caused by HIV
A little girl born
her mom knew she had it
she didn’t seek help
and passed it along
the stigma is there
but life doesn’t end there
she grows into that woman
that managed the disease,
she teaches and mentors
about the infection
create awareness
about the fact and the fiction
with love and support
surrounded by self-education
she lived her life
with this virus called HIV
Having HIV is not the end of the world
a lot of education
and simple precautions
to be very cautious
to avoid the virus
called HIV
Its self-explanatory
a virus that could turn into a disease
that takes your glory
A disease called AIDS? Yes! I mean HIV



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