I Make-Up This Time

Spilling Spilling Spilling
Spilling Spilling Spilling

Everyone cries so when it hurts
When it falls one tear
To all people it burns like that the look
The eyes the fall of water in the face
The love that fails you
Known as a girl in rimmel
Because this is the most sensitive
You can compare

Like this looks all the people crying for love
There are some not seen them to do it
But Is even on nights
when they released the rimmel burning
With the black makeup of all hopes
That felt they thought
Along the path of each color
To apply to the soul

If ever the spill happen to you
Just go to the store of your soul
And take time to invent other color
One that makes you shine again

Because you will know that love
Is like a bag of a girl
That it is never forgotten
Wherever she goes
Because you will know love burns
Like rimmel spilled by the face
Because you will know that love
Is also to say
I make-up this time.
-Jonatan Vega

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