I love you more

 Because I love you he used to say

The alcohol sloshing around in the bottle

Because I love you he’d tell me as I covered the bruises.

I was young and he could sweet talk like no one could

Love was a feeling that quickly faded

Every second was an eternity of hatred

Love wasn’t a feeling

It became a power play.

He had a temper like Hades

Broken bones and bloody rags

Because I love you he told me with his hands around my neck

Because I don’t love you I told him as I left.

Living in fear was not living.

Years of distrust and paranoia is in the past

Love is now a feeling I know.

Because I love you he says

Giving me random gifts and affection

Because I love you he tells me

Never raising a hand to me.

I am older and can see clearly

An eternity will never be long enough with him

Love encompasses my life

Because I love you he told me when I asked why.

Why do you stay?

Why do you support me?

Because I love you he said

Getting on one knee.

I will never hurt you because I love you more. 

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