I Love You

Darling, I want to say I-love-you, although it sounds like a cliché.
Are there any other words to say when you love someone?
Is there a better way to express the deep feelings of my heart?

Something keeps me thinking about you and I know that it’s love.
The way I feel about you can’t be described any other way.
Pardon me, Ash, if I say I love you before the end of our first date.

Lovers usually say, “I love you” to the ones they love dearly.
This overused phrase charms the heart of every romantic woman.
And I’m banking on these three words to do the same to you.

If you’re not bold enough to speak your feelings, I understand.
The look on your face tells me that you want to say you love me.
I’m aware of your love because you embrace me affectionately.

There’s only one thing a man can do when he’s attracted to you.
You know what I’m getting at and you can’t wait to hear me say it,
So I’ll stop beating around the bush and say I love you, darling.


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