" I love you "

The words " I love you "

"I" sounds so selfish. 

And "Love" is over used. 

"You" always depends on who you're talking to. 


Is it real?

Is it fake?

By chance,

Or by fate?

Will it last?

Or is it lust?


Or return to dust?



Our romance was like a dance,

Where we are always stepping on one another's feet.

In the end,

Our love, I could not defend,

So it suffered a great defeat.


Our dancing was fun,

But a dangerous one,

Causing each other to stumble,

To mumble and to grumble. 



This tango is over,

Our waltz is complete.



Now we both still dance,

But only to a different beat. 



I dance to the music of a piano,

You dance to the beat of a drum. 



Still I hear the words we whispered,

When we were still young and dumb:


"I love you"

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