I Lost Someone


United States
38° 25' 54.1812" N, 90° 24' 11.1384" W

I lost someone
To a life of the unloved
Someone who brought untold limits
I lost someone to the heavens above

A heart of a giant
Towering higher than Jacks stalk
But met a wolf when crossing a fork
I lost someone to the Devils talk

The heart of a fighter
Now has fallen from the sky
Dropped to knees and blood
I lost someone to dangerous lies

An arrow to the chest
Gunned down in a game
Playing the streets
I lost someone with a name

The faces of currency whispered
The needle of the fallen angels cried
When brought together, a moment of serenity
I lost someone when these two things collide

In the stars, a war rages
Where winners count are none
Head up child, count your blessings
Because I lost someone.


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