I look a bit funny, Yes?

My name is ununique,

my smile crooked and drained from the tired steps I take,

my teeth peak out from two cracked lips

with a laugh that is quite weak.

My eyes water when I yawn,

my left one likes to twitch

and its because of the internet claiming


I've got scoliosis,

my spine twisted and bent.

Eh, so am I.

I slammed my toe once on an open door

and blood seeped on the floor

with cursed words,

now I've got a split toenail.

My voice cracks when too many people pay attention to me.

My nose is bent.

My ears stick out in a funny way.

My hips are too wide

and I hate them with all the passion

of gender dysphoria.


no matter.

Here I am and here I will be

and if I find a way to see

myself through that blasted door of mysery

and into bright lights accompanying

peace, and acceptance.

I will take it.




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