I long to see the flowers


United States
28° 29' 30.2208" N, 81° 32' 55.2228" W

I long to see the flowers
Blooming in the summer
Opening their petals to the rain.

They must be so beautiful,
These flowers in the summer
And because of this they are probably also vain.

I want to see the sunshine
Falling on these flowers
In a way that can only be described as rain.

But most of all,
More than anything else in that meadow
I need to see you,
Admiring the flowers in vain.



I love the rhyme scheme of this poem- how you alternate the last line of each stanza to be "rain" and "vain" because the repetition shows the true longing you describe in the story. There are so many types of poems that use rhyme schemes like sonnets and cinquain poems- check out how to write these types of poems and even more in the "poetry writing tips" section under "resources!"

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