As I lay here


United States
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As I lay here crying
As I lay here sick as can be
I feel the tears running along my cheeks
They're so warm, they burn
My cheeks are burning
And I feel tortured
I feel like every tear drop that burns
Is a tear drop that's burning my soul
The soul that had already been hurting by a man that I had trusted
A man that I gave my all too
A man that I was so genuine with
A man who conquered the most valuable thing there was to me
.. my heart
He chewed me up and spit me back out
As I lay here crying I feel my soul burning
My soul was in pain because you enlightened me with the terrifying truth
And as I lay here weak waiting for you to come back to me,
I also lay here hoping that a brave man will make me realize that what I'm waiting for,
is not love..


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