I lay down in the

Fri, 01/22/2021 - 11:56 -- nev0709

I lay down in the snow looking up at the sky. 

Watching the warmth of my breath escape my body as i breath out into the chilling air

My hands feel like frozen icicles, my body shivering in reply

My cheeks turning a light pink as the wind crashes into my face, with no care.

 brushing my hair back, daring my gray and white beanie to fly away. 

Feeling the weeks of stress slowly seeping into the snow with ease

 I notice the stars and how beautiful they are today

They are sworn to be beautiful from thousands of stories

 science says they are only a luminous ball of gas 

and they don't twinkle Like they do in fairytales

Though at this very exact moment i wish i could be a the same mass

They are so beautiful and at peace as they live their life in varied ways

I'm so tired now that it seems to be the one thing i can lastly pursue

When I leave I also wish to be a beautiful gleaming star too. 



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