I Know You Are Gone

Yesterday never ended

It was bad news piled onto bad news

I didn’t sleep,

waiting by the phone all night dreading the worse of news

Too scared to call

But too scared to wait.

Today, tuesday I went to visit you

Hit with the worse of news when I walked in the door

Your final moments were spent with me by your side

I can remember every detail of the day that seems to go on forever

How the doctor’s eyes were so full of sympathy when I sat to the side terrified

When he announced your fight was over, and you were slipping away.

“Are you ok?” He asked me

When I moved to sit by your side failing to comfort you

“Someone your age shouldn't have to go through this alone”

It hurt that the only person there who hugged me while I comforted you was the doctor.

Today feels as though it is stretching with the flexibility of taffy.

You died in my arms

I’ve shed enough tears to fill the oceans you wanted to sail.

I’ve dragged every memory involving you from an abyss,

Flipping through photo galleries and photo albums in search of you.

I want to call your name down the empty hallways

And look for you in every room

But I know you aren’t here anymore.


This poem is about: 
My family


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