I know you

Your smile and eyes are in my head

Stored in a bucket I keep

Tucked in my mind

It sits, nestled between jokes and good memories

Those things that make me so happy

I can barely contain myself

The small corner I sit in

When the outside is rainy,

And the windows were fogged

When I was sad

I shuffled through the bucket


I know your favorite color

(it’s yellow)

I know your birth month


I know your favorite article of clothing

(the blue hoodie)

And I know your little brother


And your mom


And I know your other best friend


And I know your favorite shape



I remember your room from memory

Your favorite pillow

(Grey pillowcase)

I know what you look like

In nothing but shorts and a tee

And damn I’d lie if I said

It wasn’t beautiful


You graze my mind

With soft hands

And lips

But you don’t know


My favorite color

My birth month

My favorite article of clothing

My little brothers

My mom or dad

Or even my favorite shape


I know you like

Blood and gore

Sad things

And thrash metal

You like video games

And cartoons

You watch an anime

Nobody gets


I read your posts,



All of it

With a sigh

You’ll never love me


I guess I deserve not to get you

You don’t need me

After all

You have love

But I wish

You’d glue me back together one day


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