I Know Who I Am

Sun, 03/01/2015 - 10:31 -- 1ajones

My name is A'Jayla
All of Joy and Anger,
I'm Young
Filled with Longing and Amazement

I live in a world with a single mind set
I straddle the cracks of society norms
I keep myself from falling in
I have ancestors with coco skin and thick hair which I endure, gratefully

Will I live long enough to go to college?
Will I live another day?
Questions that I ask myself daily, living in a war zone called home
A stray bullet or a man with hungry eyes, things that can take a young, black, and innocent girl life

Survive in Chiraq? Or is it Chicago?
Survive. That's the word that I live by everyday
I have to survive to be the first in my family to go to college
I am a leader, a young activist for women, Black's, and stopping violence

I'm forever Amazed by the things I've witnessed and captured
I'm full of joy that I'm still living at such a young age
But I'm angered that there are so many unfortunate to make it past the age of eighteen
Even though things are bad now I long for the day when there is no more pain and suffering

Despite being a black female I Will Survive
Despite society telling me that I have to live my life how it wants me to, I Will Survive
Despite the killings and abuse going on every where I Will Survive
Despite the pictures that I Taje that can't capture my full story. I, A'Jayla Jones, Will Survive.

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My community
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