I know it is typical

I know it is typical and kind of cliche,

but I always use it and bring it my way.

The sensation I get when I use it,

the touch and feel you won't beleive not one bit.

It fits right in my pocket as I go through my day,

pulling it out once or twice to use it as I may.

It comes in two sizes big or small,

and everytime I mange to lose them all.

It is the most common object and a lot of poeple have one,

we all know that feeling when it is almost gone.

As I walk around on a hot sunny day,

I pull it out of my pocket and use it anyway.

The heat from the sun always makes it hot,

like spaghetti sauce boiling over a pot.

Now as I ask myself the quetion,"What is one thing I can't live without?"

I always say my blistex comes in handy without a doubt.

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