I Know Girls


I know girls searching for love under the belt buckles of guys who just called them beautiful

Or cute, and go mute when the pursuit of the same type of guy yields the same result

Scrubbing the scent of cologne out of their pores

Those are girls with legs open like they’re hoping to be diapered, held, and called baby

In that order, on the border of being a stereotype and a statistic

Because it’s 2013 and they say monogamy isn’t realistic

They’re quick to blame their dads, he never showed affection

So they have to get it where it can be gotten

I know girls who don’t even know they’re one empty condom rapper away from being forgotten

I mean those curves are great baby but they’ll never stop making hourglasses

Because we as human beings need time to remind us

Whether our glory days are in front or behind us


I know girls searching for answers at the bottom of a bottle

Whose only message is “drink responsibly”

There’s no ship in there, just a fiery sea that sloshes in their bellies

Burning the wounds of demons desperate to escape their Alcatraz

Those are girls who claim there’s only boredom in being sober, gripe about their hangover

And swear they’ll never drink again, that’s of course until the aspirin kicks in

Then there back to distraction, my curiosity kicks in and I wonder what’s worse

Those who do it so they don’t think, or the ones that do it so they don’t feel


I know girls with an alabaster box for a smile

Their deepest secrets tucked safely behind their twelve year old molars

They got ambition under the tongues along with the memory of their first kiss

They got white picket fence dreams to make up for what they miss

They got cracks in the family portrait that you’ll never see

Because they won’t let you close enough

The secret service aint got a damn thing on the guards these girls have up

Bricks made of fear of disappointment, cemented together with empty promises

The saying goes, “if you build, it they will come”

But they’re not looking for someone to care enough to tear it down

Just for someone to care enough to guard with them


I know girls who are equal parts notice me and please don’t look at me

Drawer full of sweatpants and hair ties, counter full of products to cover face and eyes

A magazine cover for motherly advice and a lustful eye for male validation

Those are girls with diet pills and workout dvds discarded for snack cakes and milkshakes

Eaten in private to discourage judgment

They spend their lives cycling and spinning through media motivated insanity

I don’t know if calling them beautiful boosts their self-esteem or encourages their vanity

So I say nothing


I know girls with fake smiles, I know girls who cry themselves to sleep

I know girls with the soul of a poet, I know girls who think they’re lions but are actually sheep

I know size sixteen girls with more confidence than girls with a double zero

I know girls with scars from cutting, I know girls afraid to get married

I know girls who feel like they’re nothing, I know girls who are faithful

I know girls who play games, and if you ever even start to think that we’re all the same

Then you obviously don’t know girls


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