I Know All The Things That I Don't Need To Know



I know all the things that I don’t need to know

I want to know how to live

My life on my own

How to do my laundry

How to iron my clothes

I think these are things

I should probably know


I want to know how to make it in the real world

How to write a check

How to keep my credit score gold

It’d be nice to know how to cook

How to sew

And how to mow

Why aren’t these things

That I already know?


I know nothing about insurance

Or mortgages

Or loans

Add these to the list of things

That I don’t already know


The advertisements all get me

I’d spend my money on “the best”

I know how to get to the grocery store

Couldn’t tell you the rest


But most importantly I want to be happy

And successful

And strong

How come I haven’t learned that?

Am I crazy?

Am I wrong?


I sit at a desk

For 8 hours every day

My notebook is filled

My brain?

Not the same


I’ve learned all these things

So much, it’s insane

But do I need it?

What would my major say?


My teachers are great

But life’s potential is low

When I know all the things

That I don’t need to know


I want to know how to make money

And what’s best for my buy

How I don’t know this?

It’s an easy answer why


School hasn’t taught me

A thing about life

I’d explain to my teachers

But that’d end up in strife


I’ll forever be foolish

And mindless

And weak

I’ll forever be learning

From my innocent mistakes


Now don’t get me wrong

School has done nothing but good

But some things are left out

And others, misunderstood


My English and Science

History and Math

Will all come in handy

Later on down the path


But as I look to my future

Which is only months away

I see a clueless girl

On her own

And afraid


There are so many things

That I should already know

So many things

I have to learn on my own

I wish my years of school

Could help me somehow

But it’s my senior year

And it’s too late now


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