I Know

Dear past self,

I know that life seems like it couldn’t get worse or better. You just want to forget everything that had happened but you can’t. You are just a scared little girl and that’s alright. You want to run away because it feels that the world is going to end. I know that it seems like you can’t start again.

I know that it feels like you have no one. It feels like you are all alone with no one by your side. It feels like you are always screaming but you actually can't say a word. I know that you try but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I know that it feels like it too late.

I know that he is the one that one that ruined your happiness. He is the one who took your innocence. The one who broke you little by little like if it were a game. He is the one who left you in the dust. I know he broke your trust, for everyone and yourself.

But I also know that things will get better. Someone will listen to your silent screams. The faces you couldn’t bare to look at will be replaced to place with ones you can’t keep your eyes off. You will hit a reset button and start over. You will be happy again. I know because I have already lived through it.

I know because you decided to change. You decided to forgive yourself. You decided to be better. You took the next step and for gave what they had done to you. You let go of all the weight that was holding you back. You will once again see a happy future. I know because I am the one made those decisions.

Forever in Mind,

Future Neydi


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