I Keep on Writing


You can lie next to HER

You don't care because it's free

But she speaks with wisdom

Are you still out to get me?

You can't cope with being alone

You call HER.

You write to me.

"Are you coming?"

No, I'm not coming, she comes to you.

I keep on writing.

Why would you tell me that last night she said

"I've never felt so happy.

I could die."?

You know what she's after

She screams and you can't

You work so hard to say goodbye

She says "When you're homesick,  grab my thighs,

you'll forget it."

You excuse HER.

You write to me.

"I turned your good heart away."

Furiously, she says "Call me now" and I keep on writing

I'll be here waiting.

I keep on writing.


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