I Just Need Someone

i need someone whose gonna love me and nurture me during my ups and downs For i cannot walk this path by myself  But it seems falling in love and settlin is not the plan mother venus has Forget fallin in love just being loveful is how im gettin down Im loving on her and walking out Walking out, bustin out, and letting out seems to be the theme of this dreadful bout Who can i call on when im too bashful Who can i call on when i have no body to call Im a diamond in the rough Whose process for glory has taken a halt  I need someone to see who i really am People dont see the real me Just a painting weve all left our opinionated illminded strokes on I only know sadness and madness and lust not love I must rise above but am i ever looking up Shes out there and our paths will meet But im laying in the gutters with defeat draggin on my feet  Smooth Caramel was the first The muse for the original pieces She was constructed in the finest lands on Terra With silk skin and long black hair When curled they bounced with no care i loved her but she didnt love me Now she lays with her other while im praying on my knees that even though she betrayed shell find a way back to me   The Sheppard of the Devil made her way in my life It seemed at the time our summer fling was right a physco she is she left me for the crows tried to ruin my life with the lowest of blows but still i loved her so All along she was still in love with mr.Incompatible  Ebony Majesty the latest tragedy The play where she can never say and let me down just leading me on  Making me walk into the night with visions of our fading love light  i just need someone to ease the cries and screams someone who will make me feel life is the move  and a forced afterlife is the fools groove sometimes i feel ive lost myself  but all i need is a little help. and all i need is a little love and ill be back to myself.

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