I hosted a party

I hosted a party
At times it was a party of one
I played the terribly tumultuous tunes
About what my life had become

I hosted a party
At times I had reluctant guests
However once they had their fill
They left in search of rest

I hosted a party
That continued intermittently for years
And unlike Studio 54
The IRS was not one of the fears

I hosted a party
About all of my life's woes
I used the time to escape
Even if I did it alone

I hosted a party
That I eventually chose to leave
Because I could no longer
Myself deceive

Eventually and thankfully
I started to sober
And with a more clear perception
The party was over

And like Studio 54
It came with a cost
But not in money
But in years lost

I hosted a party
That at times lasted from night through Dawn
And now I wish for a way
To have those years undone

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