I Hope You Hear With More Than Your Ears


Silence is a paradox. 

Actions sounds louder than words, 

but words create worlds without making a sound. 

Have you ever read a book? 

turning the page sounds louder than the story 

that's taking place in your head. 

But tell me--

which one will you remember more? 

A man can drive you all over the world. 

"Let's go to the zoo." he says, "I like the monkeys."

"I've got some concert tickets. Wanna come?" 

"Are you enjoying the food I learned to cook just for you?" 

Then one day, he gives you a handwritten note. 

"I love you." it says and there's a ring taped to the bottom. 

Tell me, and be honest--

which noise will you remember more? 

The best sounds are not sounds at all. 

I bet that man a few lines above heard the happiness in that lady's eyes as tears 

slipped down her face and her lips formed a smile

that seemed to make him fly

"Yes" was just a bonus. 

We all hear the pages turn in a book, 

but the sounds we remember are the words written boldly on the page. 

The sounds are there, even if you hear them with your eyes, 

or your hands

or your heart. 

I'm not asking you to hear me. 

I'm asking you to listen. 


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