I Hope

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 18:56 -- LV

When I'm sleep
in my dreams
I hope that the sun shine will rise
I'm chasing with my heart and I just hope that I stumble upon something beautiful in my life
Running with words and make it right
Running with charming words
Ah make it tight
Show enough no ceilings on this flight
Autopilot hearts when that Red Bull get in our system , automatic wings ignite
Its tough but we fight
Bobbing and weaving
Counter punches misleading
The fact that I fell for you , and you fell for me , we both fell for one anothers type
Just because you said it first don't mean that your always right
This is better pronounced as Romeo and Juliet love with a deeper context
Simplifying our flaws to delete a lot of stress
Simply said
Poetic Justice soaked in a little hope
When I'm sleep hopefully ill be blessed in my dreams
This I hope
If she is beauty
I do not mind being the beast
As long as these eyelids paint poetic dreams
When I'm sleep this is what I see.



True story , thank you 8 )

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