I, Her Ghost

I, her ghost
She looks forward
I reflect back
By generosity
She shared her memories
Our past, lost hopes, and sad broken dreams
She wanders on, duty a daily effort
Affection, a work of passion, she lives on
I watch as her path moves along
I look back, my life over, a memory
She sacrificed for my happiness
I, completely ignorant
Such devotion, I, her ghost
Reflect loyalty, her lingering shadow
No moment unseen, for her time is now mine
I, her past, she is yet my future
Limbo, my station, a cold empty place
Yes, I wander to and fro, with hopes of a future time to go
I, her ghost follow willingly, such devotion is my passage
My eyes are sad, her eyes resolute
She works with truth, silence her testimony
I, her ghost, walks in melancholy
My life filled, half truths, deception and lies
She knows, I watch her constantly, I, her ghost
In silence, I pray, backwards my sight
Heartbroken my path, waiting to apologize
I, her ghost, the mist she ignores, 
I am the breeze that moves her hair
My touch brings her tears, still she mourns me
I, her ghost, forever at her side
Loved yet not, I wait patiently in this dark abode
For this love, I am her ghost
By such devotion, I shall never part


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