I have a Secret

I have a secret, 

I want the world's every drop of cold rain will not be poured on you.

I have a secret,

I want every sad departuring moment will be a better joy reunion.

I have a secret, 

I want the whole world's rainbow to cover the darkness of your heart, then the tear from the corner of your eyes to become another reason for a smile.

I have a secret, 

As of every beat in my heart, is like my shadow footprint appeared every month trying to take a step closer to you.

I have a secret,

It has been hold in my palms, just like a carefully half written riddle.

This is a simple secret, it has a simple name, but it have eternal breath.

My secret is call 'I LIKE YOU'. 


This poem is about: 



This is a poem I am trying to express my feeling to a person I have a crush on. I am a person that does not speak up on what I want, so writing this are all the things deep down my heart.

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