I Have A Question

When will it stop? 

This merciless killing of innocent victims and children

It's chilling

This ain't a world that I wanna raise kids in

How many times do I have to say?

How many times do I have to pray?

That everything will be okay

I'm losing hope and I'm losing faith


Im worried bout my brothers

Those who were brought up with me

And those with the different mothers

And I wonder why we can't stop killing each other

Especially when we suffer over different colors

It's been bothering me and the fact that our fathers are nowhere to be seen

They either dead or in jail

Cause this country don't like you if you not even pale


I probably got six more years max

So I'm tryna make a difference 'fore the line goes flat

This design is all wack, I been tryna hold back (I been tryna hold back)

Cause see I'm conscious and I'm always in a rage, word to Baldwin

But I proceed with caution

I could be left unresponsive by these monsters any day


There's things people go through that should never happen 

Everyday life shouldn't have to be a challenge 

But it's saddening to think about there's people wanting me dead

They want me laying down in a mahogany bed

But that's out of the question

That type of thing'll make my mama go through depression

So I gotta stay alive so I can be her protection

Cause she way too precious

Don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for her correction

So I grind for myself and those before me

They hate to see a black man win, achieve his glory

So Ima achieve by all means necessary 

I’m on the road to becoming legendary 

I'm so damn tired of things being the same

So I'll make it my goal to make sure that something change

So when you see my face make sure you 'member my name

Apo11o, the slave who broke up out of his chains

And didn’t leave nothing the same, we gaze at stars full of pain

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This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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