I have a mouth so therefore I must speak



What's love really!Tell me please!!Cause I'd like to know...Please tell me!Or have I been told? Yea I had a roof over my head.I had some shoes, cloths,education-have to mention "catholic school,shared with two of my siblings a bedroom closed in a box meant for two.Every holiday you could ever think of my vacation consisted of some resort where I experienced an amazing lakean indoor outdoor pool.Camped some days, gone water rafting, I even won the best Halloween costume suit, paint balling, I have to add 3 amazing cruises!But still there were those  bruises,that so called "I've been loved life" left me scars hidden that no one could seethat no one could ever notice.My nickname "cry baby" .......Becky she's a cry baby.No one ever held me,no one ever embraced me,the last someone to probably save me would have probably been that nurse that detoxified me when I exited the wombwith no breath no life no nothingbut a God bigger than all that surrounded me,who before I ever understood life,He chose to raise even that baby girl back to life.Oh don't we all have a story,a testimony,something to sob and mourn about but there's Joy in the morning,when you understand life and who and what Jesus Christ didoh there's Joy in the morning.Everything I thought I ever struggled with in Him he showed the beauty of His gloryso that one day I will testify  Christ raised me to life,Christ wiped those tears of that little girls and kept that body functioningeven when I pampered myself in promiscuity and swallowed those pills that could have killed me. Oh but there's Joy in the morningwhen you understand the salvation about Christ on Calvary.Everything I ever blamed on people and pointed fingers making them the cause of it all..I came to the cross understanding the authority of the blood on Christ bodydemolishing the darkness of the enemies craftinessthan exposing myself in light so that Christ would take a hold of my burdensand cast me a yoke that is lighter to bring about His swordwhich holds all the power of freedom to live a life full of fruit bearing truth bearing foodthan in me all i would need to digest is Him and every word He spoke over me. Since I was birthed into this earth I was Loved.I no longer will believe that lie that love consisted of experiences and glamorous holidays,a plan to succeed -holding behind me a degree to show my self worth to a man a family that needed to show me off, .... and a big family that crowded in with everything that seemed right but it Felt so.... wrong.But it was right so that God would be glorifiedfor His name sake not for me to comprehend but to see my helplessness and need for Him.LoveI know you,you held me,you kept me, you carried me,you placed your hedge over me even before I could notice.Wonderful  counselor who taught me my testimony, wonder ful father who waited patiently to be gracious to me Isaiah 30:18. His name?Jesus,everything He ever did was because of who He was. GOD IS LOVE.


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