I Have It All


"Wear pretty clothes." they said.

So I did.

Some I felt fat in, some I felt uncomfortable.

"Try some eyeliner." they said.

So I did.

It looked awkward; I felt unnatural.

"You don't wear high heels?" they asked.

I didn't reply.

Was I supposed to?


I tried it all, from the clothes, the make-up, and the killer heels

but I was never satisfied.

The glitz and glam, the powdery make-up, the soreness in my feet was not suitable for someone like me.


"I wear jeans and t-shirts." I said.

"I put on lip balm and my face is perfectly fine." I said.

"High heels? I love flats and my pretty toes."


The comfort of my own skin feels best when I get out the shower, enveloped by steam.

I arise in the mornings and look at myself in the mirror pleased with who I am.

I dance with no one is looking with my bare feet and boy, do I dance.

And I say to myself, "I am beautiful; I am flawless."


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