I have always been good

I have always been good with words

As a child they called me slick J

With the flick of my tongue, they would do whatever I said

In middle school, I began to rap

The way my words twisted and turned I would leave the crowd mesmorized lost for words

In high school, I matured

My once fresh but now corny words became more eloquent 

I would sit at home with pen and paper and end up with pen on my paper

When I think of poetry I can never pinpoint it to a specific definition

My poetry is different than yours

Yours different from the other person writing

My words, my voice mean something

My poetry means something

What was once a hobby became more of a lifestyle ,something that I choose to do because it makes me feel great

Gets my words, MY voice out there

Defines my mind, body, and soul

Whenever I speak its poetry

now THAT is art



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